Would You Like To Swap Houses for a Nice Vacation?

My wife, Jodie and I live in a new, spacious three-bedroom townhouse in Hockessin (near Wilmington), Delaware. The house is located on a pleasant cul-de-sac, which is surrounded by natural wooded parkland with a beautiful nature trail (see enclosed photos). We have three children who have all left the nest and are successfully on their own. Jodie and I are both high school teachers - we have the entire summer off. We love to travel and with no children at home we plan on traveling as much as possible. We spent six weeks in England ten years ago by swapping houses and cars with a British family. It was a great experience for both families. We would like to do more of this. If you are interested in doing a house swap with us, please email us (rickgwinn1@gmail.com) with further details of your situation.

Wilmington, Delaware is a great home base for experiencing the entire Mid Atlantic Region of the United States (See Map). In driving time, we are:

  About Our family

Areas we would most like to pursue house swaps in:

Ft. Collins or Montrose
Colorado areas
West Coast (LA to Van Couver)

British Isles

New Zealand

Photos of our house Click on the blue letter at the left to load photo. To come back to the photo menu, click on picture you are viewing

                                 A   -   Back Garden
                                 B   -   Deck From Back Yard
                                 C   -   Front Garden
                                 D   -   Inside
                                 E   -    Jodie and Canary
                                 F   -    Neighbors Backyards From Our Deck
                                 G   -   Our Car In Driveway
                                 H   -   View From Deck
                                  I   -   View Out Front Door