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Why We Are Failing

The world is tumbling towards Armageddon and not enough people care to stop it from happening.  The main reason it will happen is our ever-expanding population.  Too many people don’t care to see the danger of a population problem happening.  The main culprits are the religions that encourage large families to perpetuate themselves - mainly the Catholic, fundamentalist Christians, Islamic and Mormon faiths.  Because these people choose to be ignorant of the truth, the world will only get worse

Why Religion?

After 3,000 years god, has supposedly effectively revealed himself four times.    Actually, there are hundreds of men who claim to have been recipients of god's message.   Only four of them had strong enough followings to have lasted:  Abraham and Moses about 3,800 years ago, Jesus Christ about 2,000 years ago, Mohammed about 1,400 years ago, and Joseph Smith around 200 years ago.  In all four revelations, these men were delusional and they falsely believed in a god who didn't exist.  The religions they founded; Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Mormonism - based on these perceived revelations, have been antagonistic towards each other ever since.   Where has god been for the last 1,500 years?  Nowhere.  He is a figment of people's imagination carried on as an urban legend on hearsay and perpetuated as mythology through the ages.  Hindus, Buddhists, and all the other so-called religions are equally false. There is no such thing as a miracle.  Nobody ever walked on water, parted the red sea, rose from the dead or fed hundreds with a few loaves of bread.  God is not great.  There is no god of earthly man-made religions.  It is all mythology and superstition created by delusional people and reinforced by baseless man-made rituals and man's insatiable need to identify with and belong to groups




The world's religions along with population expansion and human greed are the major reasons for our planet's degradation.  The number one cause is an unsustainable expanding human population encouraged by religious leaders to increase their follower's numbers and financial base.  If god really existed and really cared, he would have shown himself to the modern world in an irrefutable way.

We humans are simply the product of two billion years of descent though modification, a Natural Selection of characteristics best suited to survive.  We are the result of many small changes in our D.N.A. into environments that gave us an advantage in surviving over other forms less suited than our new form.

People who don't understand this can never fully appreciate how wonderful life is and how fortunate we really are.  When we die, we're not going to heaven, paradise, hell or purgatory. They don't exist.   They never have existed.  In the end, we are simply going to die, lose consciousness and fast fade to black. The only existence we can ever experience is our brief life on earth and the beauty and happiness that it has given us. Those of us who are lucky enough to be alive should share this with as many people as we can to show that our lives can be truly appreciated.  We are truly blessed to have been born.  We are even luckier if we have been born into stable families of loving, caring and nurturing parents and into a socio-economic group with distinct survival advantages and into a society with democratic values, with respect for human rights and dignity.  It's all luck.  Be thankful if you are one of the lucky privileged ones.  I’m truly sorry if you are not

We could create a really beautiful world and way of life if only all people realized this.  When you look out into the night sky and realize the beauty, wonder and vastness of our universe, how can you doubt that we are truly lucky to be witnesses in this creation?  We, the fortunate ones, should do everything we can to show how religion is ruining our chances to share our good fortune.  We have a right to be happy and have a pleasurable existence while we're here.  It's the only existence we'll know.  We need to try to share this with as many people as possible.  The only way to do this is to slow human population expansion and all the evils it creates.  Population expansion is mainly the result of religions and nations trying to perpetuate themselves by increasing their numbers.  Religion is the enemy of all humans. It misdirects our energy towards false understandings and superstitious beliefs that are dooming the future of our descendants and the planet we are leaving them. We simply need to let go of these superstitions.

How can there be a god responsible for so many religions?    Each one founded by delusional humans - each one believing that theirs is the only pathway to a non-existent heaven and each one thinking the others are wrong and in many cases actually hating them for their beliefs.   Certainly the god of Abraham is the result of Hebrew mythology.  Abraham probably didn't even exist.  Jesus of Nazareth and Mohammed were most likely delusional individuals who founded cults.  They actually believed that they were deliverers of god's message.  Their cults caught on in the general population and lasted.    Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Mormonism were all founded in this way.  Their mythologies grew as urban legends because the people of their times thought they needed them.  It gave them a sense of false hope and freedom from guilt.   In the case of religious leaders, religion gave them power over others.  Perpetuation of the myth filled that need.  These men certainly weren't divine prophets.   Their message was a simple delusion in their fantasy.   Delusional doesn't always imply bad.   These false prophets believed in their delusion, that they were messengers of god, sent to save the earth.  In reality, only we, the living, can save the Earth.  There is no god to save the earth.  There is no supernatural.  We must stop believing in ghosts.

To think that god would have favored one group of people over all others in the world is self-serving.  At the time of Abraham about 2,000 B.C., there would have been about 35 million people in the world, already spread into the 5 major races, and spread all over the earth: from Africa, Europe, China and Asia, to North and South America and Australia.  Why would god have picked only the tribes of Hebrews to represent all of humanity?  Languages with an alphabet didn't even exist until after 1,000 B.C.  Moses existed around 1,600 B.C. and he is credited by most reliable accounts of creating Genesis, which wasn't even put into writing until at least the 600 B.C. - 1,000 years later.  Can you imagine how the legend grew as it was passed down by word of mouth for a thousand years.  It's absurd to think that a god would have chosen one group, the tribe of Abraham, if he were truly an all powerful, and just god.  The simple truth is, there is not a chosen people.  There was no god to choose a people.     The god of Abraham was a mythology that made it to cult status.  The Bible and the Koran are mythology and are no different than Edith Hamilton's Greek Mythology.   There are 1.6 billion Muslims (23% of world population) and 2.2 billion Christians (30% of world population) who in one way or another believe in these man-made fantasies.   Don't you think that god would have revealed himself in modern times, where his message would truly be universal?   Not delivered just in ancient times to  individuals alone in a desert or on a mountaintop.

Humans have been on the earth in one form or another for almost two million years.  Homo Sapiens, our species, has existed for around 100,000 years.  Over this stretch of time, through the marvel of random mutation and recombination of our DNA, which modified us until we arrived in our present form thousands of years ago.  We are all here by chance.  Those of us born into educated families of sufficient means and into societies of true democracies with freedom and self worth are the lucky ones.  Those born into poverty or into despotic societies that prevent basic freedoms are the unfortunate ones.  There is only one way to correct this and that is to stop expanding population and stop supporting  religion.  The only way to stop expanding population is to eliminate all religions.  Once we are free of religion we can really start beginning to eliminate human suffering, so that there are no unfortunate ones.

We have to operate on the premise that the earth is very old (4.5 Billion years) and the universe is even older (13.7 billion years).  These are scientific truths proven by substantial evidence.   If you cannot accept this, you probably also falsely believe that you'll be happy in your life on earth because you believe that you'll be delivered to an afterlife of heavenly bliss.  In reality, this simply isn't going to happen.  Everything will just go blank when you die and you'll cease to exist.  You are the result of a lovely set of circumstances that allowed you, by chance, to exist.   Be thankful for that.

God just doesn't exist.   God never existed.  If god existed, and really cared about us, don't you think this god would have shown the whole world in an irrefutable way that he existed.   And don't you think that after 2,000 years of human failure he/she would reappear in some special way?

The Earth is planet, which revolves around our star, the Sun.  The Sun is a nuclear furnace, as are all stars, - bathing the earth with heat and light by converting hydrogen into helium.  The Earth is just the right distance from the sun, around 93 million miles so that its not too hot or cold for life as we know it, allowing most of our water to be in liquid form.    It is just the right size, about an 8,000-mile diameter, to allow an atmosphere of mostly (80%) inert nitrogen gas and about 18% oxygen gas.    The earth has one moon, the largest in our solar system relative to its planet, which makes for some nice "moonthly" variety.   Planet Earth revolves around the sun once every 365.25 days (a Year) and rotates on its axis once every 24 hours (a Day).  The earths axis is tilted just enough (23.5 degrees) to make for our pleasant change of seasons over the course of a year.  All in all, the Earth is a great place to live.  It has wide variety of plant and animal life that has evolved into a complex system of beautiful life forms.  As far as we know it is the only place like it in the universe.

BUT - the universe is an awfully big place.   Our sun is just one star.  It is located the Milky Way Galaxy.  The Milky Way,  has about 300 billion stars, all potential suns.  The Milky Way Galaxy, our island universe, is a gravitational system with all 300 billion stars rotating around a common center.   BUT, the Milky Way is just one galaxy of over 400 billion galaxies in the universe.   With all those stars out there, there is a high probability that there are a lot of stars out there with planets just like earth and full of life.

The problem with contacting intelligent life on one of those planets is distance.  Radio waves travel at the speed of light - the fastest known speed in the universe.  The nearest star to us outside the sun is Proxima Centauri at 4.2 Light years away.  To have a conversation with intelligent life forms on a planet revolving around Proxima Centauri would take 8 1/2 years; 4.2 years for our message to get there and 4.2 years for their answer to get back to us.  Unfortunately, most of the stars within 16 light years of earth aren't of the type likely to have life.  Most stars are thousands of light-years away.     It's not easy to carry on a simple conversation over thousands of years.  The distance from one edge of the Milky Galaxy to the opposite edge is 100,000 light years.  The sun is 26,000 light years from the galactic center.  There are a few small companion galaxies, the Magellanic Clouds, in the Milky Way's gravitational system.

The next nearest galaxy to ours is the Andromeda Galaxy.  It is 2.5 million light years away, meaning that it took 2.5 million years for its light to reach Earth.  When we look out at the Andromeda Galaxy, we are looking back in time 2.5 million years.  It would take 5 million years to have simple conversation with any intelligent life in Andromeda Galaxy.  We might as well forget having any extra galactic contact.   Contact with any intelligent life in our own galaxy is possible - but highly improbable.  For all practical purposes, we are alone.  Even though we know that the probability of life in out in space is high, the probability of us earthlings making contact with it is extremely low.  For this reason most of us should be concerned with the quality of life here on earth.

The earth simply cannot sustain a growing population forever.  At the rate we are going, we cannot avoid a catastrophic crash somewhere down the line.  We only have a finite amount of fossil fuels, water, land, etc.  The longer we wait the more tragically our existence is going to end

All our religions are man made and have no basis for existence, other than the beliefs of their blind followers.   Mythologies and repetitive rituals shape the followers of our religions.  The mythologies grew orally over time and became exaggerated as they grew.  As rituals were created to increase the control of religious leaders over their followers, the followers, in their blind ignorance, accepted them.

Basically, all religions started out as cults following their main characters, who were truly delusional. These cults built up as urban legend.  As word of mouth passed on these mythical legends, they got changed in translation to become more absurd.  The larger cults: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Mormonism, etc. are the cults that have survived over time to flourish with their blind followers.

It is tragic that people don't understand this.  They will never fully appreciate being alive.  When we die, we are not going to heaven, paradise, hell or purgatory.   Heaven and hell don't exist.  We are simply going to die - lose consciousness and fade to black. The only existence we can ever experience is our brief life on earth and the beauty and happiness that it is giving us.  Those of us who are lucky enough to be alive and be aware of this, need to share the idea that our lives should truly be appreciated.   We can all have a greater chance of experiencing a euphoric utopia when religion is no longer a factor in controlling our lives. When we appreciate life for what it is.   We only get this one chance in life.  All we can do to try and make things better, for everyone, is to eliminate religion and population expansion.  Then we can eliminate poverty and ignorance.

Another big reason for an expanding population is the less than equal treatment of women by religions and by men worldwide.  In many cases, women are treated as subservient beings, not given the right to access education equally with men and not allowed to make decisions about their own well being.   In most African and Middle Eastern societies and some South and Central American societies, women are treated as sex objects, whose only job is to please their husbands and raise their many children.   It is obvious that in societies where women are treated more equally and with more respect, they are better educated; there is a higher standard of living, a lower birth rate and more prosperity. The only cause of population increase in non-third world countries is due to the influence of religious communities.

The reason sex exists in nature is to create variety in a species by allowing different combinations of genes from two individuals.  For an entire species this provides an almost infinite number of combinations for variety in the species.  Individuals with the best combinations of genes are more likely to survive and perpetuate those combinations.  For this reason sex must be pleasurable to the two individuals involved.  Without the pleasure, we wouldn’t desire sex, and without desire, we wouldn’t be here.  Basically, that’s all sex is for – creating variety in the species.  In the hierarchy of needs, sex comes after only the need for water, food, shelter and freedom from pain, but before everything else.

It is unfortunate that women carry the extra burdens that sex creates.   Women are the ones who have babies.  That puts them at a distinct disadvantage with men in many situations – time off from work for pregnancy and raising young children, competing for jobs, raising children in homes that fathers have deserted, unequal pay, a glass ceiling in the business world keeping them from decision making jobs, gender inequality and occupational segregation.  Women are often looked at as sex objects in the workplace leading to unwanted sexual harassment, sexual innuendoes and retaliation from men related to sexual harassment.  Sex isn’t bad – it’s pleasurable and it is good.    In the human species, it should be mutually acceptable, consensual and wanted by both parties involved.   When woman are treated as equals, we’ll have a chance at controlling population and, therefore,  a much better world.

There are so many things we humans do, that have no factual or scientific basis.  We do them because we think, falsely, that they'll be good for us.  We are denying our descendants the beauty of having a diversity of plants and animals by causing senseless extinctions.  Converting natural wildlife habitat to farmland to grow food for an expanding population is also contributing to species extinction.  We are creating a pretty boring world where only people, cockroaches, mosquitoes, rats and flies will survive the onslaught of expanding human population.

Why are sharks killed for shark fin soup.  The fins contribute nothing to the taste.  It is said that they give it a special texture that makes the soup so special.   I'm sure that this texture could be created without the fins.  Why doesn't someone create a soup with the same taste and texture so that we can save sharks from extinction?  The benefits of shark fin soup are based on superstition.

Why kill rhinoceroses to use their horns for some silly traditions such as making special knife handles or using them in traditional medicines that have no intrinsic value over modern medical techniques.    When all the Rhinos have been killed, these traditions will have to end anyway.  Why not substitute something besides Rhino horns and save the Rhinos now.  Eliminate the market and you eliminate the demand.   Scarcity of rhinos today and the corresponding rare availability of rhino horn only drives the price higher, and intensifies the pressure on the declining rhino populations. For people whose annual income is often far below the subsistence level, the opportunity to change one's life by killing an animal that they don't value is overwhelming.     The benefits of Rhino horns are baseless superstition.

The most absurd and senseless killing is the killing of tigers for their testicles to use as an aphrodisiac.  With Viagra, who needs tiger testicles?  What medical proof is there that tiger testicles are really an aphrodisiac anyway?  It is silly and pretty soon there will be no tigers left.    The benefits of Tiger testicles are baseless superstition.

The saddest award goes to the slaughtering of elephants for the ivory in their tusks.  These beautiful and loving animals are being slaughtered so that some people, mostly wealthy Orientals, can have an ivory carving.  They're emboldening the poachers who shoot them because they are willing to pay the price for illegally acquired ivory. The killing of elephants for their ivory is just silly and selfish and will lead to the extinction of elephants from the wild.  Without a market our elephants could be saved.   For shame.

The nation of Japan has the plight of a few species of whales on their shoulders.  How an entire nation can hide behind the farce of using scientific research as an excuse to kill whales every year is discouraging?    This practice is just silly and selfish.

Lastly, is the illegal logging trade?  Every year the world's forests are depleted by the illegal harvest of trees.    This reduces wildlife habitat and causes extinction of many species.   We need to farm trees properly to insure an adequate supply of lumber for building materials, furniture, paper products, etc. The forests could be sustained if we halted the illegal logging and lessened demand by eliminating population growth.

When you come right down to it, all these senseless killings of animals and the illegal harvesting of trees are related to and compounded by an expanding population.  As the population increases exponentially so do those members of the population who are responsible for these senseless practices and the means and technology to pay for it.

An ever-expanding human population means a decrease the amount of water available for irrigation and drinking, a decrease in the amount of farmable land for crops, a decrease in the amount of fossil fuels, the destruction of habitats (especially rain-forests), and an increase in species extinction.   An ever-expanding human population means an increase in poverty, an increase in trash, garbage and landfills, increases in cemetery space, increases in roads, sidewalks, parking lots, housing and institutions.  This will result in a decrease in the quality of life for all.   More people need more space to live, more parking lots, more schools, more paved roads, etc.   It means less land to grow food crops on and less land to preserve as parks and wildlife areas..  It means a larger reduction in non-renewable fuels such as oil, coal and natural gas.   It means the availability of less land to live on.

Economists say we need an expanding population to sustain economic growth and keep profits going.  But surely even economists have to admit that there are limits to growth and it will have to stop eventually.   Why not slow it down now before it comes crashing down.

The religions, which are most guilty of encouraging expanding populations, and then exploiting them, are Catholicism, Islam and Mormonism.  They actually encourage their followers to have lots of children to keep their religions growing.  This is a travesty.  Knowing what we know now, this is the real sin against mankind.

There are no miracles, acts  of god or divine interventions.  There are only the natural occurrences of different events.  Some events are exceptional and some events are ordinary.   Human events are never an act of god.  They are coincidental and they are simply events that are either - extremely rare, relatively common or anywhere in between.  People are either affected by an event or they are not affected.  they are lucky or unlucky,  they are fortunate or unfortunate, it is either a blessing or a tragedy.

Victims of tragedies are examples of people being in the wrong place at the wrong time - an unfortunate coincidence of events, making those people unlucky.   Events can be either natural or man-made

Natural Disasters

Earthquakes  & Tsunamis - Chile, Japan, Iran, Hawaii. etc.
Forest Fires - California, Portugal, Australia. etc.
Floods (Anywhere) Volcanoes, Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Typhoons, Drought, Lightning Strikes
Animal attacks - Bears, Sharks, Poisonous snakes, etc.
Sickness or Terminal illness of self, a loved one or a close friend, Epidemic Disease - Aids,                  Ebola, malaria, etc.

Man-Made Disasters

Terrorist bombings - ISIS, Boko Harum, Taliban, Al-Qaeda, Al-Shabab, etc.
Mass Murders in Charleston Church, Sandy Hook kindergartners, Colorado Theater goers, Jim Jones, etc.
Beheadings, suicide bombings in Middle East, Africa and Asia
Evil in the cities - Drugs, Rapes, Murders, Robberies, Assaults, Forced Prostitution
Hatred between races and religions
Poverty and starvation
Airplane tragedies - over the Ukraine, the Indian Ocean, the Alps, etc.
Forced migrations and displaced populations because of poverty or wars in  Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Central America, or Mexico,
Tragedies with children - Death in hot cars, drug addicted or alcoholic parents, 
Horrendous car accidents, Forced labor in Asia and Africa, etc.


Our heads are in the sand about why Human Tragedies occur.  People who are lucky enough to have avoided the consequences of tragedies are lucky in that they were not in the wrong place at the wrong time.  They were simply lucky - Nothing more.  To try and say that god was looking out for them is absurd.   Devine interventions simply don't happen.  There is no god to intervene

The only reason that tragedies occur at a higher frequency than they used to is simply because there are more people, they are living in more places and they are living where tragedies are more likely to occur then they used to.   By reducing population, you will reduce the frequency of tragedies.

It is clear that the biggest problem facing mankind is very simply an expanding population.  The biggest reason for an expanding population - is religion.  Organized religion is a true enemy of mankind.

Another enemy of mankind, much more insidious, are the efforts by the 1%ers to control the world to their advantage.

The American upper class, approximately 1% of the overall population is the wealthiest layer of society in the United States and is often referred to as the rich.  The same is true in most other nations.  People of this class commonly have immense influence in the nation's political and economic institutions as well as public opinion.  The American upper class is composed of members born into this class, called Old Money; as well as those who have acquired their wealth and influence within their own generation, called the Nouveau Riche.  Many politicians, heirs to fortunes, top business executives, CEOs, successful venture capitalists, those born into high society, and some celebrities may be considered members of this class. Some prominent and high-rung professionals may also be included if they attain great influence and wealth. The main distinguishing feature of this class, which is estimated to constitute roughly 1% of the population, is the source of income. While the vast majority of people and households derive their income from wages or salaries, those in the upper class derive their income from investments and capital gains.

Between 1979 and 2007, the top earning 1 percent of Americans has seen their after-tax-and-benefit incomes grow by an average of 275%, compared to around 40-60% for the lower 99 percent.  Since 1979 the average pre-tax income for the bottom 90% of households has decreased by $900, while that of the top 1% increased by over $700,000. This imbalance became further exacerbated by changes making federal income taxes less progressive. From 1992-2007 the top 400 income earners in the U.S. saw their income increase 392% and their average tax rate reduced by 37%.   In 2009, the average income of the top 1% was $960,000 with a minimum income of $343,927.

The fact that those in the upper class derive their income from investments and capital gains is a major contributor to world population growth.  For these people to realize growth in their investments, population growth with expanding markets must continue.  Self-preservation by any means necessary is the utmost priority of the 1%ers.  That includes controlling politicians through illegal bribes or legal campaign contributions, controlling media outlets (ownership of TV networks and newspapers) to mold public opinion to their point of view and creating lobbying groups or special interest groups withmisleading names to sway public opinion to their way of thinking.

The 1%ers are the major stockholders in all major corporations.  They own newspapers and broadcast networks to sway public opinion their way. They will do anything to increase profits and dividends to keep the money filling up their pockets. They do this by controlling the types of laws that politicians pass, insuring that we will always have an expanding population with expanding markets for their products and insuring increased profits and dividends for themselves.

The 99%ers are too preoccupied, too ignorant, too greedy or too confused with minor issues to realize that the only way the earth is going to survive is to take the power away from the 1%ers.  We can do this without taking away their wealth.

We need the 1%ers.  Their creativity, daring innovation, risk taking and entrepreneurship have made the world a much better place.  The good they have done far outweighs the bad they may do.   Yes, these people, for the most part, have earned the right to live in large luxurious houses in safe gated communities, to belong to several Country Clubs and have multiple homes wherever they want. They've earned the right to be able to fly in private jets to anywhere they'd like to go and stay in the best hotels once they get there.   They've earned the right to purchase the best seats to concerts, sporting events or shows and arrive and depart by limousine.  They can own their own yachts, vacation anywhere and anyhow they'd like to and to send their children to the very best schools. Their families have the best doctors and medical care possible.  We need the 1%ers.  They have earned this reward of maximum comfort and security.

What they haven't earned, though, is the right to control the rest of us through the politicians that they have bought through bribes, contributions, special interest lobbies or news outlets.  They confuse us, the 99%ers, from the real issues by making minor issues hot button issues instead of the real issue of making politicians accountable to us, the 99%ers.  Corrupt politicians exist everywhere - in every country and in every political system.  The basic human weakness that the 1%ers exploit is that some politicians can be bought for a price.  The 1%ers are willing to pay that price to control the rest of us.  For billionaires, millions of dollars in donations, bribes, PACs, etc. is nothing compared to the control it gives them.  It's also nothing in comparison to the tax breaks and other breaks that the politicians give them.

In closing, I think it's important to zero in on and clarify the five greatest enemies of all mankind.  The first and the biggest enemy is organized religion.  The second is population growth and the depletion of natural recourses it is causing.  The third is the control that the 1%ers exercise over the rest of us.  The fourth are the crooked politicians being bought off by the 1%ers.   Lastly, is the unequal treatment of women worldwide.  We must make sure that women have complete equality with men in every possible situation.

We need to collectively correct these things. 

It won't be easy


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Pet Peeves

Filters for cigarettes should be made illegal.   They accumulate in the environment as non-degradable litter.  Smokers should have to supply their own environmentally friendly washable and reusable filters.   You never see a non-smoker flicking cigarette butts out of their car or emptying their ashtrays in the street. Besides, smoking is bad for your health and we should make it more difficult and unpleasant for the smokers to smoke

Smokers and obese people should pay decidedly higher taxes and/or health insurance based on the amount of money they cost the rest of us in higher medical costs and care due to their bad habit related afflictions.  They choose to have these bad habits.

People should not be allowed more than two dogs and two cats as pets.  The food they eat and the poops they accumulate are more than we should tolerate.

People should be fined automatically for not picking up their dog's poops immediately.  No Warnings. We should reward  whistle blowers who turn in violators by letting them automatically keep half the moneys collected as fines from violators.

Plastic throwaway shopping bags and plastic six pack holders should cost shoppers 50 cents apiece to encourage all shoppers to use sturdy reusable shopping bags.  Plastic throwaways are a major polluter of the environment.    Better yet, plastic throwaways should be against the law

Cats as pets should be allowed to be indoors only.  Outdoor cats kill many songbirds and they leave smelly poop in people’s gardens.  Cats caught outside for the third time should be euthanized – especially feral cats.

There should be laws that allow couples to only have three children at the most.

Unwanted or out of wedlock teenage pregnancies is a huge scourge.  One of the biggest contributors to gang violence, turf wars and drug addiction is the birth of unwanted children to young girls.  These children don’t have a chance because their mothers want the sex without caring about being a good parent.   The fathers don’t want to take responsibility for their children either.  We would all be better served if these unwanted children had never been born.  Which leads us to only one conclusion - don’t let these poor children be born. Unfortunately, this means either forced contraception, abortion or sterilization for the violators.  Certainly our welfare system shouldn’t be paying for this travesty and encouraging more out of wedlock births as it does now.


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