General Rules & Guidelines

                   Private Property Swimming Pool
                   Lakes Roads
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Private Property

Maintenance fees are due on the 1st of the month. Fees received after the 10th are charged a $5 late fee.  

The Architectural Committee of the Homeowners’ Association must approve all improvements or changes to property.  

Garbage and trash are collected on Tuesday and Friday and must not be put out on any other day. Yard clippings are collected on Friday. 

Pets must be kept on a leash at all times and the pooper-scooper law applies. 

Satellite dishes may be up to 30 inches and elevated to a height sufficient to provide good reception. 

No signs except small name signs approved by the Architectural Committee shall be displayed on any lot except for one "For Sale" sign, not to exceed 18" x 24".  

No nuisance shall be allowed on any lot or any use or practice that is a source of annoyance to other lot owners.  

Every house must have the lot number prominently displayed.  

RV Vehicles and  boat trailers may be stored (at no cost) as assigned, in the area provided adjacent to the maintenance shed.   Reasonable time is allowed for preparation and storage of RV on owner's lot. Boat trailers, etc are to be parked in spaces A thru Z as space permits. R V Committee must be notified as to departure and return dates, if absent longer than six months.  

Trade, business or commercial use of any lot is prohibited. Residents offering handyman or other services to other residents for compensation must register with Board of Directors.  

Intent to rent or sell must be registered IN WRITING in Homeowners' office. Forms are in library area.  

Lawns and shrubs must be kept trimmed. Lots and carports free of debris and are not to be used as outside storage areas.  

Homeowner's Association should be notified when your are leaving the park for an extended period of time. Forms are in the Homeowners office and in the Clubhouse library.  

              Swiftmud Drought Watering Schedule.

    * Watering is NOT permitted between 10 am and 5 pm. 
    * You may water ONE  day a week as follows:
    *  Mondays --------- House Numbers Ending in 0 - 1
        Tuesdays --------- House Numbers Ending in 2 - 3
        Wednesdays -----  House Numbers Ending in 4 - 5
        Thursdays -------- House Numbers Ending in  6 - 7
        Fridays ----------- House Numbers Ending in  8 - 9


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Swimming Pool

Pool is for use of Floral Lakes residents and their over night guests only.  

All guests must wear I.D. tags - available from Jan Gugino (#246). Deposit of $3.00 is required.  

Shower must be taken before entering pool. Hot water shower is on wall of pool house.  

No suntan oil can be used within pool area. Waterproof lotion is permissible if used according to directions.  

No glass containers allowed within pool area.  

No horseplay, running or splashing in pool or at poolside. Also playing with or hanging on rope is not allowed.  

Diving allowed only at deep end of pool 

No animals in pool or on deck.  

Pool hours are from dawn to dusk. 

Maximum number in pool is 28.  

Swim at your own risk - management is not responsible for accidents or injuries.  

AQUACISE M-F 9:00 AM (Summer-Daylight Savings Time) 
AQUACISE M-F 10:00 AM (Winter-Eastern Standard Time)

Water Aerobics M-F 9:30 AM (Summer)
Water Aerobics M-F 10:30 AM (Winter)

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No swimming in the lake. 

Removal of any aquatic plant in excess of the 50%/50 FT of the property frontage or use of any herbicide application must have a permit from the Department of Environmental Protection.  

A Coast Guard approved personal life vest for each person in a boat is required by Federal Law.  

No gasoline engines. 

Cast net fishing is not permitted near the shore when fish are spawning. Cast nets should not be used after dark. 

All rod and reel or straight line designed fishing apparatus should be attended at all times.  

Trout lines, jug fishing and traps other than those designed for taking bait fish, are expressly prohibited.  

Any Nile Perch, regardless of size, which is caught by any means, should not be returned to the water.  

Any boat having been used in other waters, should be washed before it is launched in Floral Lakes waters. A facility for this is established at the maintenance building. This rule will help to eliminate the chance of introduction of undesirable plant life into our lakes.  

Only Homeowners and renters owning boats that are stored in Floral Lakes may use those boats on the lakes with the exception of the Nile Perch fisherman and the lake sprayers.  

Withdrawing water by pumping or any other means; from the waters of Floral Lakes is strictly prohibited, unless approved by the Board of Directors.

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The speed limit in Floral Lakes is 15 MPH. 

Parking on roads or common grounds is prohibited except in case of emergency. 

Bicycles and carts must obey all rules applicable to cars. 

Pedestrians should walk on left hand side of road facing traffic. 

When walking at night, wear light clothing and carry a flashlight. 

Road drains on private property should be kept free of leaves and debris.  

Lawns along road should be edged and roads kept free of weeds. 

All golf carts should be covered by private insurance.  

Floral Lakes license tags are available for  $4.00  each - See F.L.S.C. committee chairman.

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To use Clubhouse, fill in form on hallway desk. 

Homeowner should be present whenever guests use pool table. 

No one under age 14 is to use pool table. 

Any event scheduled in Clubhouse will be automatically canceled for memorial services.  

Homeowners' Board of Directors meeting takes precedence over other activities.  

Clubhouse and kitchen are to be left neat and clean after use. Also turn fans and lights off.  

No smoking in Clubhouse.  

Large screen television available at all times.  

Homeowners' Bulletin Board with notices.  

Social Club Bulletin Board with notices.  

Homeowners' office open  9:30 - 11:00 A.M. Tuesdays & Thursdays.   Summer hours vary. 

Xerox are copies available @ 5 cents each. Medical & legal free.  

First Aid Kit is stored in the right side drawer by sink cabinet.  

Books may be borrowed from Library located in hallway.  

Desk in the hallway contains:  
    * File for Homeowners' forms 
    * Collections of discount coupons 
    * Depository for Campbell Soup labels - eye glasses 
    * Greeting Cards

Three boxes in hallway:  One for Flyer articles, one for the Social Club and one for the Homeowners.   Your monthly maintenance check goes in the Homeowners' box.

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Post Office

Key to Post Box should be obtained from previous owner.  

To replace lock, or if keys are lost – contact the U.S. Post Office 

Record the number on your Post Box key to use if it is lost. 

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