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The residents of Floral Lakes take great pride in keeping their homes and properties attractive.  We put a lot of effort in creative landscaping using a variety of beautiful Flora in many different ways.  This page is an effort to share many of these well landscaped homes and to help our residents appreciate just what we have.  The page was created with valued input from Jan Liles.   All of the photographs will name the Plants pictured and the lots where each photograph was taken. . We've included  two tables for looking up additional information on each plant.  One,  alphabetically by common name and the other alphabetically by Latin or scientific name.  Most of the links from the tables are to a website called 

Floral Lakes Plants by Common Name

Floral Lakes Plants by Scientific Name

Because there are over 100 photos of our Flora, they will be spread out over nine pages for quicker and easier access.  The pages will be cross referenced at the top and bottom of each page.  This is page 1. 

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 Croton under Live Oak with Spanish Moss



  Entrance - Boxwood



  Entrance Hedges (L-R) - Snowbush, ?, Confederate Jasmine


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