Birds Of Floral lakes
All of these birds have been seen in Floral Lakes.  
All but three photos were taken in the backyard of Lot # 272

Great Blue Heron


Great Blue Heron (White Race)


American Egret


Tri-colored Heron


Little Blue Heron


Black-Crowned Night Heron


Green Heron


Snowy Egret


Cattle Egret


White Pelicans Soaring


White Pelicans w Cormorants




Pied-Billed Grebe



White Ibis


Belted Kingfisher

Loggerhead Shrike



Yellow-rumped Warbler


Palm Warbler


Yellow-Throated Warbler


Red-bellied Woodpecker


Bald Eagles




Blue-gray Gnatcatcher


Glossy Ibis

Wood Stork


Black Vulture & Turkey Vulture


Muskovie Duck

Piliated Woodpecker


Red Shouldered Hawk

Black-Necked Stilts

Black-Bellied Whistling Ducks


Lesser Scaup Duck

Sandhill Cranes

Roseate Spoonbill


Black Duck

Painted Bunting

Two Females and a Male


Other Critters

Florida Red-bellied Turtle

American Alligator



River Otter


Brown Water Snake

Banded Water Snake

Florida (Dekay's) Brown  Snake



Black Racer With Eggs in Water Meter Box

Green Tree Frog

Fountain Frog



Central Florida Squirrel Hound

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